Maintenance Plans

All machines need some level of clean up in order to keep running smoothly. When machines are maintained on a regular schedule, they last longer and problems can be caught early. In our maintenance package, we go a step further after making sure your machine is working properly, by customizing a backup system for you just in case something happens.


Our maintenance package includes:


Complete System Diagnostics

FREE Enterprise level Antivirus Protection

Up to 10 GB Data backup setup (extra available, if needed)

Security software check and installation

System Optimization

Network Clean-up: Check to see if there are good network communications.

Software Clean-up: Remove unwanted software files.

Operating System, Antivirus, Antispyware and 3rd party software updates

Test hard drive for physical errors

Antivirus valid and definitions up to date

Antivirus verified to run scan on a schedule

Antispyware valid and definitions up to date

Antispyware to run scan on schedule

Disk Cleanup

Checked computer for Errors

Optimize machine and cleanup temporary files

Call us TODAY at 630-516-1207 or email to keep your computer maintained and backed up!


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